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RWBY: Combat Ready

This is just an FYI that Rooster Teeth's latest in the RWBY universe is now available for Kickstarter funding. RWBY: Combat Ready is clearly building off of the popular RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, allowing fans of the webseries to enter the world of Remnant in tabletop format.

Sadly the prices are a little steep ($45 pledge for the basic game), but the rules seem interesting----with a balance between cooperative play and individual card strength----and I'm really digging the art style. Whether or not you're into board games I'm sure a number of fans would like to get their hands on those character cards.

So if you've got some money to spare consider throwing a few bucks their way. Regardless though, it looks like funding is inevitable. There's 32 days to go and they already earned 10k in the hour since I last checked!

You can check out RWBY: Combat Ready here.

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