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About This Blog

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Welcome to Writing Fan Culture, a site where I tackle popular media, fan engagement with said media, and the rest of the world's response to both. I am a Television and Media scholar with a specialization in Fan Studies, as well as a self-identified "fangirl." I received my Master's in English from Georgetown University in 2015 and my PhD from The Ohio State University in 2020 where I completed my dissertation "Today Your Barista is: Genre Characteristics in the Coffee Shop Alternate Universe."


While continuing my work in Fan Studies, I attempt to ensure that my personal involvement in fan culture positively influences my research of it and vice versa. Thus, I have included not only the standard pages of an academic website—CV, courses, publications—but also a blog where I express much more casual opinions on various forms of fandom. It is a space where I attempt to find a balance between rigid, academic analysis and comical, informal metas (with varying success). There you will find reflective pieces on film, television, gaming, fanfiction, and much more. 


Feel free to use the form below or my email address ( to contact me for any reason. I would love to hear from you! 

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