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What is writing fan culture?

To me, it's a fragment deliberately left incomplete. It's writing about fan culture----academically, personally, socially. It's also writing in fan culture through the creation of fanfic, metas, rants, other creative outlets that challenge what it means to "write": GIF-sets that tell stories and fanart that voice opinions. It can even be writing for fan culture as we navigate a digitized, transmedia age where the nerd supposedly rules... yet it still sometimes feels like 1986 with Shatner waving his fists and exclaiming, "Get a life!"

The title of this blog is meant to encompass the variety of ways that we can think through "writing" as it pertains to "fan culture," and vice versa. As such, I hope that the content of this blog comes to reflect a similarly broad range of content. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, right?

Until then,


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