September 28, 2018

{Beware, traveler, spoilers for all seasons of Elementary ahead!}

In the eighth episode of the sixth season of Elementary (titled “Sand Trap”), Sherlock returns home after a few months of doctor-imposed vacation and is met with a heartfelt hug from Joan. It’s beautiful. And worth re-watching on a loop. 


This alone makes their relationship noteworthy—the 19th century original stories with their social norms and the other adaptations of this supposed “high functioning sociopath” don’t come clos...

April 8, 2018

Dare I say that Nicholas Meyer writes Sherlock Holmes better than Doyle did? Of course, given how much Doyle came to hate his creation, he probably wouldn't begrudge me the opinion too much. At least I hope not. I'm far too stressed and tired to deal with a haunting right now.

Still, it's a massive shame that Meyer has only given us three Holmes pastiches because I really am greedy like that. After devouring The Seven-Per-Cent Solution years ago I deliberately held off on The West End Horror beca...

August 28, 2017

I've read a number of Sherlock Holmes pastiches over the years---with my collection nearing100 books now---but I'm always eager for a new one. I was particularly looking forward to Steve Leadley's Sherlock Holmes in Cape May, featuring a murdered, well-meaning Quaker. Given that I grew up in Pennsylvania and attended Quaker schools until college, this story seemed like my perfect pastiche.

Sadly, Leadley's work falls short. The upside is that this is by no means a long story, just eighty-some pag...

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