September 30, 2017

[Warning: this article discusses assisted suicide and ableist language] 

I've had the chance to talk a little bit about why I love Life is Strange. Now it's time to talk about one of the game's biggest problems. Namely, this: 

Focusing on the ramifications of time travel, LiS, like many of its genre, provides an alternate timeline wherein your actions have terrible and unforeseen consequences. In Max's case her choice to save Chloe's father from a car accident results in Chloe getting in an accide...

August 27, 2017

[Beware, traveler: spoilers ahead

Every six months or so my dental hygienist (hey, Camille) and I get to chat fandom stuff, which would be even more enjoyable if I wasn’t trying to rave about anime with someone else’s fingers in my mouth. When she mentioned an adventure game called Life is Strange I agreed to play it on faith, knowing that Camille had yet to lead me astray. However, what she failed to mention was that this game would absolutely ruin me.

Taking a step back. 

For those not in...

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