October 19, 2019

I spend a lot of time on tumblr. That statement is either going to generate feelings of relatability or disgust, depending on who’s reading. It’s nevertheless true. While browsing the other night I came across a thread----which I wasn’t smart enough to save----headed by a tweet about women food bloggers and the anecdotes they tend to preface their recipes with. The general takeaway was ‘Stop ridiculing these women for their writing when they’re giving you free stuff’ and I wholeheartedly agreed....

September 7, 2018

A few weeks ago I received an email from an editor I’m working with that had “Urgent” written in the subject line. Always a great way to give a grad student her daily heart attack. This actually wasn’t a big issue though, just a legitimate question she was relaying from the copy editor: Why in the world did you write “powerful!Harry” at the end of your essay? Is this some sort of typo? 

It definitely looks like one doesn’t it? By the rules of conventional English (whatever the hell that means) ch...

June 17, 2018

I am currently immersed in the unique hell that is securing a PhD. Past the hurdle of candidacy; ploughing straight on towards the trauma that is a dissertation. The one (small) silver lining is that I get to write about something I'm actually, truly obsessed with: fanfiction. More specifically, the Coffee Shop AU.

Teasing out this massive genre----or trope, depending on who you ask----isn't the easiest of tasks, but it sure as hell is fun. I get to trace the Coffee Shop's overt connections to th...

October 8, 2017

Soon after circulating my first blog post about Dream Daddy-----the one that praised its fluffy, happy-go-lucky queer narrative-----someone responded that there are actually three ways that you can die in this game. 

Alrighty then. 

Actually though, this is one of Dream Daddy's more fascinating features. Dying is an integral part of most games' rule system, a mechanic that isn't dependent on the fictional world. No one really questions why Mario has three lives, we just accept that this is part of...

September 25, 2017

There's a part of me----deep, deep down----that's just a little bit ashamed of my life and my choices. After months of hearing about its popularity I finally caved and purchased Dream Daddy, the dating simulator that lets you meet and romance other dads. 

Yep. This is a thing that exists and is currently a part of my life. I've played a grand total of 45 minutes and I am in love

Others have already documented why Dream Daddy is perfect for those who (like myself) gravitated towards the...

September 18, 2017

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending Kathleen Loock's talk, "The Ending is Over: Textual Death and Afterlife of American Serial Television," a part of OSU's Project Narrative venture. At the end of the talk----which covered "dormant"/"undead" television shows that have been rebooted in recent years or otherwise kept alive through fan/scholarly interest, arguing that these television revivals find continued meaning in our new, transmedia age----someone asked, broadly, how these rev...

September 5, 2017

It has been ten years since The Organization for Transformative Works got up and running. (Has it really been that long??)

 Check out their full list of events for all the ways you can celebrate this month! 

August 29, 2017

With exceptions like scholars Pugh and Jamison, there are very few conversations surrounding what makes "good" fanfiction. Over the last three decades focus has been primarily on who fans are, what their work accomplishes, and why in the world they're so obsessed with men sleeping together. However, rarely does this research broaden to consider the quality of the fic itself and fans, when posed this question, tend to give logistical answers that emphasize readability: your fic should use decent...

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