July 25, 2018

Today I'm here to tell all you lovely readers about something that will clear your skin, water your crops, and all around brighten your day. Are you ready? Prepared to have your mind blown? Okay...


Yeah, yeah, full disclosure: I'm probably the last person to discover this online gem. But just in case I'm NOT I am now duty bound to tell everyone how utterly fantastic this website is. Are you a fan of comics, graphic novels, manga, and the occasional tie-in novel? Then congratulations...

June 10, 2018

A few days ago I was reading the forward of Meyer's Life and Death in which she lays out some of the reasons why she chose to do a gender swapped re-imagining of Twilight. This quote in particular stood out to me: 

"Bella has always gotten a lot of censure for getting rescued on multiple occasions, and people have complained about her being a typical damsel in distress. My answer to that has always been that Bella is a human in distress, a normal human being surrounded on all sides by people who...

April 6, 2018

"Throwback Thursdays" are for metas, rants, reviews, and the like that have already been written elsewhere, primarily on tumblr. Due to tumblr's specific culture there's often a slight difference in the language and tone of these posts. That is, less "professional scholar" and more "exasperated fangirl." Both are useful in their own right.

Originally posted on April 12th, 2015

[This post evolved out of a conversation regarding changes made to the Gerald Grice scene in the 2009 Watchmen adapta...

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